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Urban Running Girl

There seems to be a common theme on blogs regarding motivation.  More specifically, the lack of motivation.

I believe most people have the best intentions to commit to a running plan; however at times, they still can’t get off the couch.  Perhaps the daily grind of life is prohibiting them from finding the energy, which leads to making excuses and then blaming or being hard on themselves for not going.

With all things in life, running included, I cannot give a formula to encourage another person to run.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a special motivation pill.  We are not the same, and what may motivate me, may not motivate another.

Perhaps you are someone who needs to have an exercise journal to measure your progress as a means to motivate yourself.  For some, maybe they need a trainer to kick them out of bed.  For others, perhaps they just need a…

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Getting Ready For My Morning Run!

How I feel for my morning run somedays!

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Time Out….

After 12 straight weeks of running 3 days a week, I finally had to take some time off!  I was not pleased about it, thats for sure, but I figured it was the best thing for the long run (pun intended).

I noticed after my last run, that my body was a little sore in a few different places (hips, feet, EGO) but I figured I would work through it as I had been doing.  NO ONE  does the entire C25K program and not get a little sore along the way!  I warmed up for my next run and then started in…I only made it about .6 of a mile when I realized my legs were NOT moving like they should be and boy did it hurt.  Basically right in the hips on both sides was tight and sore.

So I did what I had read about running..”Listen to your body!”  and it was saying it needed some time to heal.  I can now say that after 6 days off I feel much better and I am really looking forward to my runs this week.  I sure wish I had started running when I was younger…it would have been nice to do this when my body could recover quicker, but I guess I have to learn to live with an overweight (this I can do something about…I am down 60 lbs so far!), 46 year old body (not much I can do about this) and the limitations that come with it.

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Patience is a ……

pa·tience [pey-shuhns] noun ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay: to have patience with a slow learner.

There are many adjectives that a person could use to finish the above sentence.  For me lately it would probably be a string of words like “pain in the ass”, “dream”, “difficult thing” etc!  I have never been a patient man my entire life, when I do things, I like immediate results…NOW!  Growing up I did well in school, I played sports and exceled at which ever one I was doing.  I took to business like a fish to water.  I planned, I researched, I executed and results came quickly.  Then I found running!

Running provided me with a poignant reminder of an important life lesson that I knew long ago and had put aside (or forgotten due to getting older):

God (or life if that works better for some)  has his own time table for us!   We may strain against it but things happen when they are supposed to.

 (This lesson had been driven into me many years ago with the adoption of my daughter. )

So as I started running at the very young age of 46 (stop laughing!) I expected results.  I understood not to do too much too soon to avoid injury, but I still believed (naively) that results would come quickly and easily.  I started the C25K program and completed it in the prescribed amount of time, not having to repeat any runs, days or weeks.  I continued my running and increasing my time and mileage everything was going along well….UNTIL…my progress seemed to stop.  I found it hard, almost impossible to increase my time or mileage.  My body/mind just wasn’t cooperating.  I kept at it, but still was struggling and was getting more annoyed!

I finally remembered my life lesson from long ago…BE PATIENT!  If I am doing the things to move me forward, forward I will go, BUT it will happen when it is supposed to happen.  Just because I wanted it to happen sooner didn’t mean that it would happen (or should happen) now.  A week or so later; as I was out for my run, something happened that I almost didn’t realize…when I got to the end of my run I realized that today I could do more then before.  I kept going longer and further then I had been able to.  My patience had been rewarded, I simply had to be patient and wait until my mind, body and spirit got together and cooperated.

If only they would have cooperated sooner!!!

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Some Days I’m Just “Mental”

As I continue my journey into running, I am often amazed at how much I don’t know (Which is a lot).  You can research everything you think there could possibly be about something, BUT until you actually get out there and do it…. well…..You just don’t know what you don’t know!

One aspect of running that I have come up against is the mental portion of it.  When the body and mind are definitely NOT on the same play book and disagree about the best way to proceed.  My example is simple.  Right now I run 3 times a week, right at 3 miles each day (okay..don’t laugh.  Remember, I am an older, out of shape, new runner).  Most of the time I run at a park near my home (See previous post here) and while it is still a work out for me I can finish my runs.  HOWEVER there is a route I “run” near my home that I have never been able to finish.  It’s the same distance as what I run in the park, the net elevation change is close to the same (configured differently) it shouldn’t be that difficult, BUT it is!

I started on this route this morning knowing my past results.  I was determined to finish it this time (that’s what I said all the times before) and ran on.  About half way through, my mind was definitely telling me “Give up, walk, go home, lay down, die..just about anything but don’t keep going!”  I decided to override my mind and let my body keep going.  My mind battled my body the rest of the run but I finished it without stopping this time!  VICTORY!

What tips do you use for dealing with the “Mental” part of running?

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