What A Difference A Day (Or Seven) Makes

A couple posts ago (Time Out) I talked about taking a week off to let this old body heal.  While I had been taking rest days, stretching, etc. my body just wasn’t feeling as it should. (At my age it rarely does!) So I listened to my body (I think it was saying something like “LISTEN OLD MAN..If you don’t let me rest and heal I am going to kick our a$$es and get hurt so we will be out for a long time!”

I can honestly say that it was worth it, not easy, but worth it!  I just completed my runs this week and I ran better, faster and easier then ever.  The most imortant thing for me was I learned to listen to what my body is telling me in so many ways.  In those of us that are competitive and strong willed it is easy to overide or ignore what we may not want to hear, BUT making the right decision sometimes means a small sacrifice now for a greater gain later.

So now I am more excited then ever to run AND I just signed up for my very first 5k  Komen Phoenix Race For The Cure on October 14th and my second one Hear In The Mesa on November 17th!

Now I just have to keep listening and keep running…neither I do well but I am learning!


About ZekeRunning

My name is Harry, I am 46 years old living in Mesa, AZ. I work in Retail Management and I am an Aspiring Amateur Home Chef. I weigh too much (getting less by the day), work too much and I wasn’t getting any exercise! I had to do something…and I chose to start running!
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