This post from urbanrunninggirl speaks volumes about motivation.

Urban Running Girl

There seems to be a common theme on blogs regarding motivation.  More specifically, the lack of motivation.

I believe most people have the best intentions to commit to a running plan; however at times, they still can’t get off the couch.  Perhaps the daily grind of life is prohibiting them from finding the energy, which leads to making excuses and then blaming or being hard on themselves for not going.

With all things in life, running included, I cannot give a formula to encourage another person to run.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a special motivation pill.  We are not the same, and what may motivate me, may not motivate another.

Perhaps you are someone who needs to have an exercise journal to measure your progress as a means to motivate yourself.  For some, maybe they need a trainer to kick them out of bed.  For others, perhaps they just need a…

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About ZekeRunning

My name is Harry, I am 46 years old living in Mesa, AZ. I work in Retail Management and I am an Aspiring Amateur Home Chef. I weigh too much (getting less by the day), work too much and I wasn’t getting any exercise! I had to do something…and I chose to start running!
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