Patience is a ……

pa·tience [pey-shuhns] noun ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay: to have patience with a slow learner.

There are many adjectives that a person could use to finish the above sentence.  For me lately it would probably be a string of words like “pain in the ass”, “dream”, “difficult thing” etc!  I have never been a patient man my entire life, when I do things, I like immediate results…NOW!  Growing up I did well in school, I played sports and exceled at which ever one I was doing.  I took to business like a fish to water.  I planned, I researched, I executed and results came quickly.  Then I found running!

Running provided me with a poignant reminder of an important life lesson that I knew long ago and had put aside (or forgotten due to getting older):

God (or life if that works better for some)  has his own time table for us!   We may strain against it but things happen when they are supposed to.

 (This lesson had been driven into me many years ago with the adoption of my daughter. )

So as I started running at the very young age of 46 (stop laughing!) I expected results.  I understood not to do too much too soon to avoid injury, but I still believed (naively) that results would come quickly and easily.  I started the C25K program and completed it in the prescribed amount of time, not having to repeat any runs, days or weeks.  I continued my running and increasing my time and mileage everything was going along well….UNTIL…my progress seemed to stop.  I found it hard, almost impossible to increase my time or mileage.  My body/mind just wasn’t cooperating.  I kept at it, but still was struggling and was getting more annoyed!

I finally remembered my life lesson from long ago…BE PATIENT!  If I am doing the things to move me forward, forward I will go, BUT it will happen when it is supposed to happen.  Just because I wanted it to happen sooner didn’t mean that it would happen (or should happen) now.  A week or so later; as I was out for my run, something happened that I almost didn’t realize…when I got to the end of my run I realized that today I could do more then before.  I kept going longer and further then I had been able to.  My patience had been rewarded, I simply had to be patient and wait until my mind, body and spirit got together and cooperated.

If only they would have cooperated sooner!!!


About ZekeRunning

My name is Harry, I am 46 years old living in Mesa, AZ. I work in Retail Management and I am an Aspiring Amateur Home Chef. I weigh too much (getting less by the day), work too much and I wasn’t getting any exercise! I had to do something…and I chose to start running!
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